Topics 2017/12/15

Super Global High School Forum 2017 in Yokohama

On November 25th, the Super Global High School Forum 2017 was held at Pacifico Yokohama. All of the designated 123 schools and some of associate high schools gathered for the meeting.

YIS students not only took part in the presentation sessions, but also helped organize the whole event. Some of our students even worked as MCs for this event.

Representative students from study tour groups gave a poster presentation with a title: What they really need now. They talked about what they learned during their trips to Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia (Borneo).

They were so excited to give a talk in front of other SGH school students. At the same time, they were impressed to have seen so many research projects conducted by students from other schools.



ポスター発表では、3つのスタディツアーグループを代表する3名の生徒が、「What they really need now」というタイトルで、カンボジア、ベトナム、そしてマレーシア(ボルネオ)で学んできたことを伝えました。