Topics 2018/3/6

SGH Conference was held at YIS

The biggest annual SGH event, SGH Conference, was held at YIS on March 6th.

There were presentations by three Study Tour groups – Vietnam, Cambodia, and Borneo. Students talked about what they have done after they returned from the tour. For example, members of the Cambodia group are preparing teaching materials for kids in one village they visited in Cambodia. The Vietnam group is making a map of Yokohama which tells us the location of the stores of companies which conduct ethical business. We had a presentation by GSY, as well as a DR presentation.

We also had a video message from one of our alumni, who is now studying at Boston University, USA. He talked about how wonderful it was to have studied at YIS, which started SGH program when he was in first year. His speech was very inspiring and attracted all of the students’ attention.

In the morning the PR Presentation was also held and students were so inspired and encouraged to continue their own research projects.