Educational Goals

Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Senior High School of International Studies

Established in April, 2008

Address:1-731 Mutsukawa, Minami-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa,JAPAN 232-0066
Phone:045-721-1434 FAX:045-742-9493

教育目標 Educational Goals

We foster skills in foreign languages and information communication technology in our students so that they can play an active role in the future as leaders not only in Japanese society but also in international society.

教育方針 Educational Policy

We encourage a profound sense of independence, self-reliance and humanity in our students and our policy is to nurture dignity, insight, and calm judgment in students.

1 高度な英語教育

High-level English Education
We offer small classes taught in English and highly-experienced native speakers are in charge of subjects such as "Communicative Skills", "International Communication" and "Discussion & Research." Our students acquire the ability to understand others and express themselves in English by actually using English and developing the comprehensive skills necessary to communicate effectively in English.

2 英語以外の外国語の授業

Second Foreign Languages
On top of English classes, our students are required to choose one second foreign language from French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean and Arabic in the first year. In all these classes you can enjoy studying the language with native speakers.

3 総合的な学習の時間

Periods for Integrated Study
The 1st year-----You will take part in a four-day English Camp. Ten students will make one group with one native speaker of English. All the activities are conducted in English in order to improve your English skills and help you acquire deeper intercultural understanding.
The 2nd year-----Project Research in Japanese. You will choose one topic you are interested in, do research on it, write a paper and give a presentation in front of the class. You will obtain some of the basic skills of collecting necessary information, organizing your ideas and analyzing them.
The 3rd year-----Project Research in English. Making the best use of the research skills you have learned in the 2nd year, you will now expand your research to books or information written in English. You write a paper in English, give a presentation in English, and have discussions with your classmates in English.

4 国際交流行事

Sister School Exchange Programme
We are planning to have exchange programs with our sister schools in the U.S, Australia, China, Germany, France and Spain. You can visit a sister school and experience the school life there with your friend or you can host a member of a sister school delegation when it comes to Japan. We frequently accept foreign exchange students.

5 教育課程

School Curriculum

(1) 学校必履修科目

School Required Subjects
We offer a choice of as many as six second foreign languages courses. All the students are required to take one of these second foreign language courses in the first year. You can take Ⅱ class of each language in the second year and Ⅲ class in the third year or you can learn one more different language. "International Understanding" is also a major and required subject which is taught in English.

(2) 必履修科目

Required Subjects
In place of "English Ⅰ" and "Information A B C", which are part of the curriculum in regular schools, we offer "Comprehensive English" and "Information and Presentation" as major subjects. Through these subjects you will acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary as building blocks for further study.

(3) 自由選択科目

Elective Subjects
We offer a wide variety of subjects which are ideal for progression towards university and further education after you graduate from our school. You are strongly recommended to study necessary subjects to enter university, while studying major subjects in the International Information Department.

(4) 国際コミュニケーション系

International Communication Subjects Group
We aim to provide you with highly practical abilities and skills to communicate in foreign languages, covering the basic four skills, "Listening" "Speaking" "Reading" and "Writing." Utilizing Information Technology, we also aim to cultivate the firm and rich communicative skills and information skills which are essential in the diversifying international society.

(5) 国際文化系

International Culture Subjects Group
We aim to foster creative thinking skills from global points of view by studying about both Japan and other countries, utilizing Information Technology and obtaining deeper understanding of cultural and social backgrounds. We aim to broaden the students' cultural understanding so that they can play an active role in international society in the future.

(6) 情報系

Information Technology Subjects Group
We aim to develop highly advanced I.T. knowledge and skills to help our students stay abreast with quickly developing technology in a globalized world, and to understand the significance and role of I.T. in that world. We also aim to develop independence and insight into the various issues facing us in the world today.