SGHTopics 2018/5/21


SGH Global Talk #1
On May 21st, the first SGH Global Talk of the year 2018 was held. Ms. Rika
Sueyoshi gave a lecture to the first year students. She used to be a TV reporter
and appeared on a popular TV program as a ‘Mystery Hunter’. Now Ms. Sueyoshi is
the Director General of the Ethical Association in Tokyo and promotes fair trade.
We learned that, as consumers, it is important to consider not only the price, the design and the functionality of the products we buy, but also whether they are ethical or not.
Ms. Sueyoshi also attended a lunch meeting with the students who are going to
visit Vietnam on the SGH Study Tour this summer. She answered many questions
from the students and gave comments and suggestions.

5月21日(月)に、1年次対象の第2回SGH講演会が行われました。講師はTBS系『世界ふしぎ発見!』のミステリーハンターとして世界各地を旅した経験を持ち、現在は一般社団法人エシカル協会の代表理事としてフェアトレードの普及活動に従事されている末吉 里花(すえよし りか)氏で、ご自身のこれまでの経験や活動を通じ、グローバルビジネス及び環境問題という観点から講演をしていただきました。

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