topics 2018/1/26

The 10th SGH Exchange Meeting

On January 14th, students from three SGH schools in Kanagawa (Kumon Kokusai High School, Hosei University Girls’ High School and YIS) gathered at Hosei Girls’ High for the 10th SGH Exchange Meeting. Ten students took part in this event from YIS.

This time, we had topics related to women for discussion, and participants exchanged their thoughts and ideas and discussed the solutions in debate-style. There were three discussion groups according to the topic: 1. LGBT, 2. Poverty and 3. Labor. Students shared current situations and knowledge about the topic, then took part in discussion. The proposed solutions reflected the students’ points of view.

Later, every group gave a presentation about the discussion, sharing the problems and solutions. There was another debate session after the presentations so that all the participants could have better understanding about the topics of the day. It was a very informative, fulfilling day for the students.

This Exchange Meeting series continues; the next meeting will be held at YIS.